Source code for axelrod.strategies.doubler

from axelrod.action import Action
from axelrod.player import Player

C, D = Action.C, Action.D

[docs]class Doubler(Player): """ Cooperates except when the opponent has defected and the opponent's cooperation count is less than twice their defection count. Names: - Doubler: [Prison1998]_ """ name = "Doubler" classifier = { "stochastic": False, "memory_depth": float("inf"), "makes_use_of": set(), "long_run_time": False, "inspects_source": False, "manipulates_source": False, "manipulates_state": False, }
[docs] def strategy(self, opponent: Player) -> Action: if not self.history: return C if ( opponent.history[-1] == D and opponent.cooperations <= opponent.defections * 2 ): return D return C