Source code for axelrod.strategies.shortmem

from axelrod import Player
from axelrod.action import Action

C, D = Action.C, Action.D

[docs]class ShortMem(Player): """ A player starts by always cooperating for the first 10 moves. From the tenth round on, the player analyzes the last ten actions, and compare the number of defects and cooperates of the opponent, based in percentage. If cooperation occurs 30% more than defection, it will cooperate. If defection occurs 30% more than cooperation, the program will defect. Otherwise, the program follows the TitForTat algorithm. Names: - ShortMem: [Andre2013]_ """ name = "ShortMem" classifier = { "memory_depth": float('inf'), "stochastic": False, "makes_use_of": set(), "long_run_time": False, "inspects_source": False, "manipulates_source": False, "manipulates_state": False, }
[docs] @staticmethod def strategy(opponent: Player) -> Action: if len(opponent.history) <= 10: return C array = opponent.history[-10:] C_counts = array.count(C) D_counts = array.count(D) if C_counts - D_counts >= 3: return C elif D_counts - C_counts >= 3: return D else: return opponent.history[-1]