Player informationΒΆ

It is possible to determine what information players know about their matches. By default all known information is given. For example let us create a match with 5 turns between FirstBySteinAndRapoport and Alternator. The latter of these two always defects on the last 2 turns:

>>> import axelrod as axl
>>> players = (axl.Alternator(), axl.FirstBySteinAndRapoport())
>>> axl.Match(players, turns=5).play()
[(C, C), (D, C), (C, C), (D, D), (C, D)]

We can play the same match but let us tell the players that the match lasts 6 turns:

>>> axl.Match(players, turns=5, match_attributes={"length": 6}).play()
[(C, C), (D, C), (C, C), (D, C), (C, D)]

We can also pass this information to a tournament. Let us create a tournament with 5 turns but ensure the players believe the match length is infinite (unknown):

>>> tournament = axl.Tournament(players, turns=5,
...                             match_attributes={"length": float('inf')})

The match_attributes dictionary can also be used to pass game and noise.