Running tests

Basic test runners

The project has an extensive test suite which is run each time a new contribution is made to the repository. If you want to check that all the tests pass before you submit a pull request you can run the tests yourself:

$ python -m unittest discover

If you are developing new tests for the suite, it is useful to run a single test file so that you don’t have to wait for the entire suite each time. For example, to run only the tests for the Grudger strategy:

$ python -m unittest axelrod.tests.strategies.test_grudger

The test suite is divided into three categories: strategy tests, unit tests and integration tests. Each can be run individually:

$ python -m unittest discover -s axelrod.tests.strategies
$ python -m unittest discover -s axelrod.tests.unit
$ python -m unittest discover -s axelrod.tests.integration

Testing coverage of tests

The library has 100% test coverage. This can be tested using the Python coverage package. Once installed (pip install coverage), to run the tests and check the coverage for the entire library:

$ coverage run --source=axelrod -m unittest discover

You can then view a report of the coverage:

$ coverage report -m

You can also run the coverage on a subset of the tests. For example, to run the tests with coverage for the Grudger strategy:

$ coverage run --source=axelrod -m unittest axelrod.tests.strategies.test_grudger

Testing the documentation

The documentation is doctested, to run those tests you can run the script:

$ python

You can also run the doctests on any given file. For example, to run the doctests for the docs/tutorials/getting_started/match.rst file:

$ python -m doctest docs/tutorials/getting_started/match.rst

Type checking

The library makes use of type hinting, this can be checked using the Python mypy package. Once installed (pip install mypy), to run the type checker:

$ python

You can also run the type checker on a given file. For example, to run the type checker on the Grudger strategy:

$ mypy --ignore-missing-imports --follow-imports skip axelrod/strategies/

Continuous integration

This project is being taken care of by travis-ci, so all tests will be run automatically when opening a pull request. You can see the latest build status here.