Creating and running a simple tournament

The following lines of code creates a list players playing simple strategies:

>>> import axelrod as axl
>>> players = [axl.Cooperator(), axl.Defector(),
...            axl.TitForTat(), axl.Grudger()]
>>> players
[Cooperator, Defector, Tit For Tat, Grudger]

We can now create a tournament, play it, save the results and view the rank of each player:

>>> tournament = axl.Tournament(players)
>>> results =
>>> results.ranked_names
['Defector', 'Tit For Tat', 'Grudger', 'Cooperator']

We can also plot these results:

>>> plot = axl.Plot(results)
>>> p = plot.boxplot()

Note that in this case none of our strategies are stochastic so the boxplot shows that there is no variation. Take a look at the Visualising results section to see plots showing a stochastic effect.