Summarising tournament resultsΒΆ

As shown in Creating and running a simple tournament let us create a tournament:

>>> import axelrod as axl
>>> players = [axl.Cooperator(), axl.Defector(),
...            axl.TitForTat(), axl.Grudger()]
>>> tournament = axl.Tournament(players, turns=10, repetitions=3)
>>> results =

The results set can return a list of named tuples, ordered by strategy rank that summarises the results of the tournament:

>>> summary = results.summarise()
>>> import pprint
>>> pprint.pprint(summary)
[Player(Rank=0, Name='Defector', Median_score=2.6..., Cooperation_rating=0.0, Wins=3.0, Initial_C_rate=0.0, CC_rate=...),
 Player(Rank=1, Name='Tit For Tat', Median_score=2.3..., Cooperation_rating=0..., Wins=0.0, Initial_C_rate=1.0, CC_rate=...),
 Player(Rank=2, Name='Grudger', Median_score=2.3..., Cooperation_rating=0..., Wins=0.0, Initial_C_rate=1.0, CC_rate=...),
 Player(Rank=3, Name='Cooperator', Median_score=2.0..., Cooperation_rating=1.0, Wins=0.0, Initial_C_rate=1.0, CC_rate=...)]

It is also possible to write this data directly to a csv file using the write_summary method:

>>> results.write_summary('summary.csv')
>>> import csv
>>> with open('summary.csv', 'r') as outfile:
...     csvreader = csv.reader(outfile)
...     for row in csvreader:
...         print(row)
['Rank', 'Name', 'Median_score', 'Cooperation_rating', 'Wins', 'Initial_C_rate', 'CC_rate', 'CD_rate', 'DC_rate', 'DD_rate', 'CC_to_C_rate', 'CD_to_C_rate', 'DC_to_C_rate', 'DD_to_C_rate']
['0', 'Defector', ...]
['1', 'Tit For Tat', ...]
['2', 'Grudger', ...]
['3', 'Cooperator', ...]

The result set class computes a large number of detailed outcomes read about those in Access tournament results.