Adding the new strategyΒΆ

To get the strategy to be recognised by the library we need to add it to the files that initialise when someone types import axelrod. This is done in the axelrod/strategies/ file.

If you have added your strategy to a file that already existed (perhaps you added a new variant of titfortat to the file), simply add your strategy to the list of strategies already imported from <file_name>.py:

from <file_name> import <list-of-strategies>

If you have added your strategy to a new file then simply add a line similar to above with your new strategy.

Once you have done that, you need to add the class itself to the all_strategies list (in axelrod/strategies/

Finally, if you have created a new module (a new <> file) please add it to the docs/references/all_strategies.rst file so that it will automatically be documented.